8 Lessons that you can learn from babies

7 Lessons that you can learn from your babies
7 Lessons that you can learn from your babies

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Last few days were quite hectic and fun-filled too. With Baby H’s mamu (my brother) in town, it was all about family fun, outings, picnics and of course newer experiences with Baby H. But amid all the hullabaloo, I missed writing and how! So, I’m finally back with a post, which was on my mind for quite some days. Here it goes…

When the 28 years old me became a mother, I had made enough mind notes about all that I had to teach Baby H. From text book gyaan to being a good human being and the typical stuff that every parent want his/her kid to learn. However, over the months of Baby H’s growing up I realized a fact. There was so much that I could learn from her rather than the other way around. While I was busy making her ready for the society, Baby H was giving me some important lessons. Here’s a look…

1. Be yourself
These innocent minds are far away from pretense. They simply follow their heart and live a carefree life giving a damn to rules, regulations, expectations et al. How I wish I could be like them once again. But then learning happens. From the day they are born, we expect them to behave in a particular manner and once they grow up, we ask them to follow their hearts. Irony of life! Isn’t it?

2. Forget, forgive & move on
Baby H had a series of falls while she was trying to discover her feet. Irrespective of my constant attention, tripping and falling happened every now and then. Result? An inconsolable Baby H constantly crying and clinging to me. But just show her a bird, a flower or anything that takes her attention away from the pain and those teary eyes soon start smiling. If only grown ups could learn to forget our pains and forgive those who caused the pain just like the kids!

3. It’s OK to cry
For babies, crying is a means to express. It’s a means to share their emotions. And we just forget this as we grow up. At times, when words fail, it’s absolutely fine to cry and express and let go of the baggage.

4. Love is the cure for everything
A hug can make her forget that broken toy, a cuddle can bring sleep to tired eyes and a kiss is enough to heal that bump on the head. I wish if even we could try to solve our problems amicably with love rather than resorting to unnecessary arguments and violence, which lead to hatred.

5. Try try till you succeed
No one can teach you perseverance and determination like a baby. A baby doesn’t know how to breastfeed when she’s born. She has to fall hundred times before taking that firm first step. She has to pester you for long to get what she wants. But, she never stops trying and that makes her a winner. While this quality comes naturally to kids, adults can just keep reminding themselves every now and then.

6. Every one is equal
Baby H loves me. Baby H is mad about her dad. And Baby H is fond of my help too, who takes care of her and plays with when I’m busy. She gives the brightest smile to the random auto driver and doesn’t forget waving at the vegetable vendor every time we go veggie shopping. For her, everyone is equal. Whoever smiles at her is her friend. There’s no rich-no poor for her. She doesn’t know class divide. Isn’t it a lesson worth learning from her? But soon she would grow up and the reality would dawn.

7. Curiosity is the key
It is their inquisitive nature and curiosity to explore their new found world that encourages babies to constantly learn, which eventually leads to their mental growth. But somewhere in the race to grow up, we forget being inquisitive. Routine takes over and curiosity takes a back seat and we cease to grow.

8. Don’t fear anything!
The other day while having food at a restaurant, as usual, Baby H was giggling at a server, who was interacting with her from a distance. After sometime, he offered to pick her up and my bindaas baby happily jumped into his lap. And I missed a heartbeat! Was it safe? Was is OK to let a stranger touch my daughter? Though I couldn’t say anything at that moment but subtly took her back.  As said earlier, Baby H smiles at everyone who smiles at her. She loves to interact with people. She’s a free bird. And extrovert child. I seriously wish I could be like her, but thanks to the state of the society that we are living in, soon I will have to make her understand the concept of strangers. The innocence will have to go away giving her a reality check. She will have to understand that ‘fear’ is lurking in every corner of our society and she will have to take care of her self. This reminds me of my first post on this blog…A confession. 

It’s never too late to learn, you are never too old to learn and there’s no rule book that states from whom to learn. So, what did you learn from your kid?

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