Mother & Baby H Photo-shoot by The Cheesecake Project

This post has been pending for a long time. Better late than never.

One of the many things that I love doing with Baby H is capturing moments in pictures. I’m sure many of you must be doing the same. Thanks to the arrival of swanky phone cameras freezing beautiful moments by clicking pictures is such a handy thing now.  Not even a single day has passed without mumma clicking Baby H, ever since she was was born.

Mother-daughter photoshoot
Mother-daughter photoshoot

From her many firsts to special occasions and milestones I have clicked over a thousand pictures… all of them documented patiently to tell the story of Baby H’s growing up in years to come. (Obsessed? Yes, I am!) While most of them are Baby H’s solo shots, there are many that capture the daddy-daughter moments too. And thanks to PapaM, I manage to get clicked with H too. O how I love getting photographed with my girl! When H grows up, these pictures will speak of the fun we had while we were growing up. One day, she’ll look back and smile!

So, when The Cheesecake Project (who did my pregnancy photo-shoot) offered to click me once again, this time along with Baby H for their Mini Cheesecake venture, I couldn’t resist jumping with joy.  We planned this as one of the celebrations of her Birthday Month, which was April this year.

Soon, we had Priyam and Shaurabh at our home to spend a day with us. They customize kids photo-shoots as per your requirement and comfort. From shooting at your cozy home or terrace to a near by garden, they’ll plan the shoot anywhere you like. For us, the chirpy duo started early in the morning when H is absolutely fresh and went on till late afternoon following her routine taking care of her nap time and feeds etc.

I planned it to be a ‘It’s summer’ themed shoot using Baby H’s favourite inflatable swimming pool set on our terrace. We chose our home as I wanted H to have the memories of the house where she spent  the first year of her life.

I bought her a cute swimming costume, goggles and we were ready to roll. However, as the day progressed, they shot H with her favourite toys, her favouroite place in the house and of course some mutter-tochter (mother-daughter) moments. I love them!

Mother baby shoot
Mother baby shoot

Priyam and Shaurabh took extra care to befriend H and I was surprised to see my girl turning into that perfect model in front of their friendly lens. She was a joy to watch and it was a treat to get clicked by The Cheesecake Project, once again. They try to capture the moments of love between you and your child as you play, bond and just be together.

Mother and baby shoot7

Totally loved the final outcome and must say, these pictures will be cherished in many years to come!

Planning your child’s photo shoot? Keep these points in mind…
– Plan the shoot keeping in mind your child’s food and sleep schedule. You don’t want cranky babies and crying shots.
– It is best to shoot post a nap as the baby will be well-rested and fresh.
– Do a background check before you zero in a photographer.
– Do your homework well. Follow your heart, while choosing a theme and if you want some inspiration, go the google way.
– Keep your child’s favourite toys books, articles handy to create memorable shots.
– Thinking where to shoot? A place where your child is most happy and comfortable. Home, garden, play area – it can be just any place.
– Keep a few sets of clothes ready to change in between.
– Make sure the photographer befriends your kid before the shoot.
– If you want to participate in the photo-shoot too, plan what you are going to wear either as per the theme or matching it with your little one’s attire.
– Last but not the least, be happy and feel the joy! You are creating life time memories! Don’t worry about poses as a mommy looks naturally beautiful when they are with their bundle of joy.

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