Father’s Day DIY personalised Super Dad notebook

Father'sDay DIY Notepad
Father’sDay DIY Notepad

Papa M is very busy at work these days. In fact, even Father’s Day is working for him. So, we decided to make something that comes with H’s special touch and also help him organise his day, Hence, this organiser.

What makes this special and a worthy Father’s Day gift is its cover, which is made with of one of Baby H’s artworks (You might consider this as mere scribbling, for us it’s a masterpiece!)

It’s pretty easy to make.

What all you need:
An organiser/Notepad
Your child’s art work
Red card sheet
Fevicol (Any adhesive)
Coloured pens


Father'sDay DIY Notepad
Father’sDay DIY Notepad

1. Take your child’s artwork. And cut it in a size that fits the cover of the notepad. You can also take a pre-measured sheet and then ask your child to paint his imagination on it.

I gave H a white sheet, some oil pastels and let her scribble (she loves to do that). She got bored after some time but I needed some more colour, so after a break I gave the same sheet to her again and she gave me what I wanted – a bright and colourful hotch-potch.

2. Stick the artwork on the front of the notepad with the help of fevicol.

3. Cut out an ‘S’ with red card sheet that will depict ‘Super.’ Stick it at the right bottom corner of the organiser.

4. Using white sheet cut out ‘DAD’ and paste it under ‘S.’

5. On the top right corner make a label with daddy’s name on it.

At end, layer the entire cover with transparent scotch tape to keep it secure and sturdy.

And your personalised Super Dad notebook is ready to gift to the man on Father’s Day!

Father's Day DIY Notepada
Father’s Day DIY Notepad

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