11 Hand-Made Father’s Day Gift Ideas You Must Try!

Father's Day gift ideas
Father’s Day gift ideas

Father’s Day is just five days away from Father’s Day. And just like me, if even are still thinking about what can your kids do to make daddy dearest feel extra special, here’s some help at hand. We bring you some super-easy Father’s Day gifts that the kids can make in no time with a little help from you.  Check’em out!

Father's Day Gift Bookmarks
Father’s Day Gift Bookmarks

1. ‘ We’re hanging in there’ for you Bookmarks
Reader or not, but any dad would love flaunting this quirky bookmarks. They are simple to make and are a great way to remind him that his dear kids are there with him always! All you need to make them is a few pictures of the kids, card paper and a ribbon. Just cut-out the pictures. Paste the ribbon at one of the corners long enough to hang out of the book. Now paste cardpaper on the other side of the photo and cut along the outer line with ribbon pressed well between the picture and card paper.


2. Super Hero sleep masks
Is there a dad who doesn’t love his power-nap? After all, your kids’s super hero needs a break to revive his super-powers! How about making a super-hero sleep mask for him? Check out the tutorial here and let the dad drift into his dreamland in the middle of the day!

love you father'sdaycard
Love you this much father’s daycard

3. ‘Love you this much’ Father’s Day card
You can never go wrong with a card. And when they are hand-made, they are simply magical. Just help your little one make this hand-print card and see the million dollar smile spreading across the man’s lips as he opens it!

Father'sDay Art
Father’sDay Art

4. ‘Love You Dad’ Art
Looking out for something that easy and quick to make but chic and classy to look at? Go for this ‘Love You Dad’ artwork that’s subtle and stylish enough to adorn that bare wall at his workplace.

Father'sDayGift wordy frame
Father’sDayGift wordy frame

5. Wordy Frame
I love playing with words, so this one is my personal fav! There’s an eclectic feel to the creation that words bring to the picture. Just take out that old scrabble and gift him this photo frame. QUICK TIP: You can replace the ‘Dad Daughter’ text with message like ‘Daddy’s Boy,’ ‘My Dad, My Hero,’ ‘My Daddy’s Strongest’or just any other personal message.


6. Hand-print keepsake for dad
This one is a perfect add-on in dad’s workplace. This one too will remind him that his family is always there for him! While the hand-prints look cool the message reading, ‘We Have a Hero, We call him Daddy,’ will fill him with joy every time he looks at it. Shanty2Chic also give a free printable of the message, here.

Father'sDay T Shirt
Father’sDay T Shirt

7. ‘Best Dad Hands Down’ T-Shirt
How about painting a T-shirt for him that reads – ‘Bast Dad Hands Down’ with your kid(s) adding their magical touch with hand-print!

Father's day tie
Father’s day tie

8. Tie of love
Quirky ties are in this season. Daddy dearest would love to flaunt his kids’ love with this chic tie that’s super easy to make. The colourful hand and foot prints will be a stamp of affection, while the tie will become a keepsake for dad.

Father's Day note-cube
Father’s Day note-cube

9. Father’s Day Note Cube
Yet another unique addition on dad’s desk! All you need is a note cube in pastel shades or white colour and a few coloured markers to get going! It makes a wonderful personalised gift to make the man feel extra special! Here’s the tutorial.


10. ‘We’re nuts about you’
Tell him that he’s the most special man in your life by gifting him a jar full of his favourite nuts and a message that reads ‘We’re nuts about you.’  Gift him this and enjoy that smile every time he digs into the nuts!


Father's Day card
Father’s Day card

11. Superman dad card
This Father’s Day card is super easy and super impressive! He knows he’s your superhero, why not make him feel extra-happy by telling him that he’s an ‘all in one’ superhero!

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