Creative Mom of the Month, Deepti Bhadoria makes Hand in Hand Keepsake (Father’s Day Gift)

Creative Mom of the MOnth
Creative Mom of the Month: Deepti

Mommies are super-women sans cape! From being awesome mommies and great homemakers to entrepreneurs and creative bees, who are ever ready to paint the town red with their children – they can do just anything!

To raise a toast to mommies’ creativity, I have started a new series – Creative Mom of the Month, where we’ll feature a creative mommy every month.

So, this month’s creative mommy is – Deepti Bhadoria from Delhi.  She made this hand-print keepsake with her five months old daughter Pihu. She did this to celebrate Mother’s Day, but this can make a perfect Father’s Day gift too!

Hand in hand print
Hand in hand print

Holding your hand your little one learnt to take those first steps…
But you won’t get to hold those hands forever… Soon your bundle of joy will be all grown up.

So, this Father’s Day, how about capturing these moments and turn them into lasting memories with this beautiful idea.

Here’s how you can make this on your own…
Step 1: Take a cartridge sheet. (Size: That comfortably fits your hand)
Step 2: Choose a colour of your choice  in a big plate and dip your hand in it and make the impression on the paper.
Step 3: Now, in a contrasting colour dip your child’s hand and make your baby’s hand impression inside your hand. (In case of very small babies, it is ideal to use sponge to apply colour on baby’s palm.

Voila, a picture that speaks a thousand words is ready! You can also make this with clay, check out here.Thank You Deepti, for the wonderful idea! Mommies if you also have an awesome activity / idea to share, please drop us a comment of an email. You never know, you can be the creative mommy of June!


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