WT ‘F’un was my Play Date With Dove – Indiblogger Meet (My First)


It was Mother’s Day – The guys Indiblogger couldn’t have chosen a better day to organise the exclusive ‘women only’ meet. And being a mother, I couldn’t have asked for more! Thank you Dove India and Indiblogger for giving me a day high on the ‘F’ word – fun, friends and of course freebies šŸ˜‰

It seems the organisers at the meet read about my Mother’s Day dream. Trust me, when even 20% of my dream could have brought aĀ smile to me, the fab guys at Dove India and Indiblogger gave me 120%.

With a one year old baby in tow and a full-time job to take care of, ‘me time’ is a long distant dream for me and they gave me just that. The hot and humid Sunday, which would have otherwise gone in tending Baby H and a trip to the mall (Mother’s Day celebration that could have been!) ended being an eventful day brimming with energy, happiness, beauty and lots of fun at the wonderful JW Marriot, Mumbai.

So, how it began?#DovePlay Bloggers meet

#DovePlay Bloggers meet

It started with the registration desk, where we were given cute badges with our names, which became perfect conversation starters with a complete stranger and make friends. Can’t miss telling you about the bag tags, which helped the organisers take care of our bags, while were were having fun – thoughtful isn’t it?

After that, we took our selfies at the iPad selfie stations to announce our arrival at the Dove Play Date. Here’s mine.

selfie Dove Play
selfie Dove Play

Another one with the charming Vineeta Bahl (Blogwati G)

Dove Play Selfie
Dove Play Selfie

What’s fun without food? And the organisers made sure there was lots of it. Before the event started we were treated with a lavish spread of yummy delights at the High-Tea. From the desi chats andĀ succulent sandwiches to delightful cup cakes and of course coffee and good ol’d wine flowing – they made sure we were high in spirits to face the excitement coming our way!

Let the fun begin!#DovePlay

Up next, we assembled in a hall for the official start of the event. The warm-up cam in form of zumba in a jiffy, which was a rocking start to a roller-coaster of a day. After this we were divided into teams and yours truly was a part of #team 1, which we christened as ‘Waves.’ And boy! Did we have ripples all through the day?

DovePlay Hips Don't Lie!
Roll-in the fun!

The first game of the day was ‘Hips don’t lie.’ We had to spin the hoola-hoop and keep it spinning for the longest time. Easier said than done! Competition aside, the game gave us many LOL moments.


Having a ball at Dove Play

Having a ball at Dove Play!

We had a ball playing the second game. Yes, we did! It was fun to do what my one year old loves to do. Jump into a pool of balls and have fun. So, in this game, three team members had to toss out the ‘Dove’ bals, while the other two had to catch them. We managed to collect 267 balls. Big number, eh?


In the pic: Pooja from Light Camera Fashion!

The third activity. Hair Play made me feel like little girl again. A member of my team had to make a beautiful hairstyle on me and vice versa. With cutesy flowers and pear strings in place, our team was all decked up in no time. Thanks Puja for making me look so pretty!

Time for a new hall and a new game. It was time for Puzzle Mania! Here, we found ourselves amid huge jigsaw puzzle. You guessed, it right. We had to solve that giant puzzle and put the Dove beauties in place. With all the great minds of team#1 at work and of course a lot of arranging-rearranging, shouting, giggling – we did it!

Pampering unlimitedDoveplay PamperingRemember, I had mentioned ‘pampering’ in my ideal Mother’s Day plan? So, after all the exhausting fun, it was time for some pampering. Just imagine, sitting in front of huge mirrors brightened with lights, sipping wine and getting your hair done by a Dove stylist assigned exclusively forĀ you – yeah, that’s pampering that turned the women in white into pretty princesses.

doveplay567Just when we thought that the day is about to come to an end, we were escorted to the pool area, where a crash course in ‘how-to-make-a-perfect-drink’ awaited us. Thanks for the gyaan Mixologist Pranav ThakkerĀ and yeah, the competition was fun too! We came back to the play area to see the dinner spread all set. What next? We gorged upon the the foodie delights and how!

As they say, all good things come to an end. It was the time to go home. But Voila! Along with beautiful memories of the day, Dove also gave us joy to take home in form of a gift hamper that had a blingy dainty Dove hair pin, Dove Intense Repair Shampoo and Conditioner and a Phillips Hair Straightener ( Saved best for the last)) – Enough supply that shouted out the Dove mantra – “Go Play, we’ll take care of the rest.”

Must mention here, the care that Indiblogger guys extended to the lovely ladies that they has invited by arranging for transport back home safe and sound.

Can’t sign off without thanking the folks at Dove, Indiblogger and Wizcraft for giving me a Mother’s Day to remember! And of course the lovely membersĀ of my team, who made the play date all the more fun with their spirit, support, enthusiasm and of course playfulness. A big shout out to all you lovelies – Mayuri, Pooja, Zainab, Maniparna, Saily, Natasha, and Rekha!


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