Review: Make Foot-Print Butterfly with ToyKraft Finger Painting Kit

ToyKraft Finger Painting
ToyKraft Finger Painting

1 Year old H is a hyperactive child. It’s a challenge to keep her busy for very long. As a result, I keep experimenting with different activities and toys to keep her occupied and find some time for myself. That also gives me a chance to find out her interest, like sand dislikes. I know it’s too early to comment on that but I can say that she likes a pen and paper a little more than the blocks.

So, on one such day of experiment we ended up trying the ToyKraft’s Getting Started with Finger Printing. The box says that it’s meant for 2 years old and above. But if you can keep an eye on the child and don’t let him put the paint in mouth, it’s safe for younger kids too.

5 Plastic bottles of non-toxic paints
16 Blank sheets of paper
12 Pre-printed art paper templates
1 Palette
Instruction booklet

What we made:

ToyKraft FingerPainting
ToyKraft FingerPainting

Before letting H get down to painting, I piqued her interest by making this foot-print butterfly.

You need to apply a layer of colours on the child’s right foot. How many colours can one apply depends upon the child’s patience. H allowed only 2.

Now take a the foot print on the paper. Right foot will make left wing of the butterfly and vice versa.

Now repeat the process with left foot.

Toykraft finger painting4
Toykraft finger painting4

Let the child dip the index finger in a contrasting colour and guide him/her to make the body and with coloured pen make the antenna and your butterfly is ready.

While I was applying colours, H looked quizzically at her feet and later on she wanted to put a mark everywhere. So, after making the butterfly, I left the girl free and she enjoyed thouroughly making a masterpiece.

The colours are thick and smooth. The consistency is just right to get smooth and bright prints by tiny hands. We recommend not to add water to avoid any flowing and dripping mess. The tray was a little small, so we used a plate to put colours out for H to try her hands on. The kit doesn’t have a brush as it is meant for finger printing but having one makes life easier while mixing colours. Over all, it is a self-sufficient kit good enough for kiddie fun.

The instruction book will come handy for older kids or mommies to understand the basics of colours and combinations.

H ended up painting her face and body also. But the colour came off easily by washing under running water without leaving any mark or allergy. So it’s safe.

Price: Rs.325
MnT Rating: 3.5/5

You can buy the ToyKraft Finger Painting Kit here


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