Maid In India
Maid In India

From H’s first birthday and her mundan ceremony to her ears piercing and a week long trip to Mysore… a lot happened during the last two weeks. Though I have so many important and close-to-my-heart developments to write about, but still I would like to dedicate this post to something or rather someone who walked out of my life when I needed her the most – no prizes for guessing this right. I am talking about my ‘Maid’ who chose to quit when I was in between many things. – work, A-toZ-Blogging-Challenge, preparations for events mentioned earlier… and above all a naughtier than ever H.

Result – I ended up leaving the blogging challenge mid-way and cut-short some plans.

Realization – There’s no bigger challenge than finding a ‘Maid-in-India.’ You can live without your husband but not without a ‘Maid-in-India.’

P.S: I’m still looking out for a maid. If you have any leads, please feel free to forward.


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