Hair today, gone tomorrow: I love her hair! #AtoZChallenge


H was born with beautiful locks. Dark, soft and curly – exactly the kind of hair I always wanted. South Indian genes, I think. Yes, she’s got them from her dad.

Her hair are beautiful. Touchwood. And you know this when a passer-by in the shopping mall inquire about the hair-care regime I followed with her.

At the first chance that I got, I bought cute and colourful hair accessories for her. She was precisely one and a half month old when I put the first bow on her hair. Got bad looks from my mom, but my girl was looking adorable. There started the styling spree! From colourful hair bands to cutesy bows and pretty pins to one pony and two pigtails  we tried almost everything in her hair and she looked gorgeous in every avatar. (I even made hair accessories for her with paper quilling technique, check them out here.

Exactly 7 days from today, her hair will be gone. We will be performing her her mundan ceremony, where a baby’s first hair are shaved off. It is not allowed to cut a baby’s hair before mundan. It is believed that hair growth gets better post mundan. All in good spirits 🙂 My pretty pie will get an all new look soon, but I’m definitely going to miss her beautiful hair. I just hope she retains her curls. So, this post is my tribute to H for Hair!


4 thoughts on “Hair today, gone tomorrow: I love her hair! #AtoZChallenge

    1. Thanks Glenda. Even I’m afraid but that’s one of the important rituals in India. So, its ok. I just hope the curls are back. 🙂 Thanks for dropping by!


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