17 Reasons why it is fun to have a baby girl! #AtoZChallenge

Image Can’t believe that I have survived the #AtoZChallenge till Day 7. Day 7 brings us to alphabet G and G is for ‘Girls’. So, here’s a look at some reasons why it’s fun to mother a girl:

1. Mommies, who give birth to girls are less likely to suffer post-natal depression. (Read research)

2. If your first born is a girl, your chances of a miscarriage in future is reduced. (Read study)

3. Buying clothes for girls is any day exciting than shopping for boys. Think about those cutesy dresses, adorable accessories, pretty hair clips and all that!

4. Sky is the limit when it comes to girly hair styles. Isn’t it?

5. Better than that – you don’t have to get their hair cut every 2 months.

6. You don’t have to worry about targeted pee on your face and even on their own every time you open that nappy.

7. You can feel jealous at times but think about this – raising a daddy’s girl is any day better than raising a mama’s boy. I believe that a daughter is an opportunity for a father to open up and be protective. She gives him a chance to be loving, caring and kind.

8. Research claims that girls ditch their diapers faster than boys as it’s easier to potty train a girl as compared to a boy.

9. Girls can mimic you earlier and faster than boys. My girl has been playing mommy to her dolls since she was 6 months old. She likes to copy her dad’s driving too!

10. A study says that girls are better at figuring out people’s emotions by observing their facial expressions.

11. Baby girls begin to talk sooner.

12. Girls have more oxytoxin, which means better bonding. Yay!

13. Once she grows up, you’ll have a buddy at home. And if you have two girls then it’s a party 24X7. Believe me, I have a sister.

14. She’s my excuse to buy doll houses and kitchen sets. That’s a different story that she likes balls and cars too.

15. When she grows up, you’ll probably be the only woman she loves 😛 (OK… I should not be so confident about this one)

16. She won’t bring home a uncooperative daughter-in-law. And son-in-laws always love mother-in-laws.

17. All you need to make her learn is to be safe, whereas a boy’s mother will have to shoulder the heavy duty responsibility of raising her son to respect women and treat them equal. P.S: No offences to baby boys and mommies of baby boys. This post was written only to make my girl feel special 🙂


2 thoughts on “17 Reasons why it is fun to have a baby girl! #AtoZChallenge

  1. When I was expecting my daughter I very much wanted a girl, but would have been happy with either gender so long as they were healthy. When the doctor said ‘It’s a girl’ I asked him, ‘Are you sure?’ because I wanted a girl so much I was SURE I must have been having a boy LoL


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