The Mighty Finger #AtoZChallenge

The mighty finger

It’s Day 6 of #AtoZChallenge. Letter of the day is ‘F’ & I dedicate this post to a ‘finger.’

Yes, that tiny-miny little finger of my girl, which has got quite active in past a few months. Earlier it was limited to being a regular feature inside her mouth. But these days it is on a mission – the mission to explore.

These days it comes out of her mouth and is often spotted touring her ears and nose. In fact, even her dad’s and mine too. Gross…Isn’t it? Well not much for an almost twelve months old. (As per Hindu Indian calendar, today it’s her birthday :D, OMG she’s already 1! **Happy Dance**)

So, coming back to the finger. That little thing is quite powerfull, I tell you. It just needs to point out in a direction and no matter how tired mommy or papa are, it can make them move their asses in a moment. (Did you just say – ungliyon par nachana? Making us dance on finger tips? Exactly my emotions!)

Well, the power of the worthy finger doesn’t end there. These days it has brought out one of my hidden talents (Yes, I am a super mommy!). I have become the ‘queen guesser’ of the house. Thanks to the practice that H has given me,  I can now safely say that now I have become quite good at playing guessing game, especially during the high pressure scenarios when H is at her crankiest best and only way of interacting with her is decoding what ‘the mighty finger’ wants.  H neither gives time nor clues when she wants something. It is just her finger that works. If I can’t guess what she wants in 3 guesses, 4 if I’m really lucky, my time’s up and her crying and howling starts. Just imagine, how dangerous can be a finger pointing towards the kitchen counter! What all can it mean! From a spoon and salt shaker to sugar container for that matter, it can mean just anything. These three are her fav, so they become the first guesses that I make when an emergency finger attack strikes. Only God (I think!), can save me if there’s something else on the girl’s mind. All I do then is to put my special guessing powers to rhe best of their use and figure out where exactly that wavering thing is pointing. If it’s not a glass, it could be the ladle or the cookie jar or just about anything!

When out in the garden or while reading a book, the finger transforms into a question-mark for my little inquisitive girl. (Ok I perceive it to be a question mark, it can be anything). So, considering the pointed finger to be a question, I keep on answering. She keeps pointing out at the objects and I keep naming them for her. While a cranky H’s finger gives me jitters, I love playing a guide to the curious finger that points at everything – old uncle walking on the road, the noisy auto, the bright pink flower, the stray dog, pigeons, crows, trees, cars anything and everything.

The finger has caused me some embarrassment too. No, not when she shoved it up my nose in the shopping mall (yes, she has done that too!) but when she tried to operate my humble phone with her ‘mighty finger.’ Yes, you guessed it right I don’t have a swanky touch screen phone like her dad’s, which adhere to her finger’s commands. No one in the party would even cared about the fact that I was not using the iPhone or one of its swanky brothers if the lady had not dismissed my phone as useless and had not showed it the floor. While I’m still convincing myself to buy a touch phone to honour the finger, H is pointing her finger towards the kitchen again… Ceao! Hukum mere aka! #MommyAtYourService


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