Basics of planning your baby’s first birthday party #AtoZChallenge


On Day 2 of A-to-Z Challenge, I’ll talk about B for basics of planning your child’s first birthday party. As parents, it’s natural to get excited about your child’s milestones. Ask me! I had a first tooth bash for H. But first birthday is indeed big!  Or is it the celebration of being able to survive all those sleepless nights, endless crying and truck loads of advice? 😉

But, amid all the anticipation and enthusiasm, we often go overboard. We pull out all the stops and end up soothing a super cranky baby at the end of the party. So, here are a few basic points that you must keep in mind as you plan your child’s first birthday party…

First Birthday Party
First Birthday Party

1. Time it right
Choosing the right time is of utmost importance while planning a one year old’s birthday party. Ideally, the party should start at a time when your baby usually wakes up from his mid-day nap time. He/she will be well rested and at his brightest best. Also make sure the party doesn’t last more than 2 – 2.5 hours. Anything longer than that will be too long for your baby to enjoy.

2. Stay away from everything overwhelming
Keep the party simple – be it theme, decoration, music or activities. Let the over-whelming themes like cars, cartoon characters etc be for later years. One year old will be delighted looking at bright colours and balloons. At max, choose a toy or colour that he has been fond of during the first year and stick to it. Similarly, don’t plan a long list of games and activities. Your child will most of the time be clinging to you.

3. Guest list: Keep it short
Keep that guest list limited to VIPs, if you don’t want a cranky baby. Remember, one year old babies still have stranger anxiety to deal with.

4. Don’t shy away from asking for help
Don’t try to be the hero by taking everything on yourself. If you don’t have a nanny, ask one of your close relatives to help you baby sit when you are busy attending guests and enjoying the big day.

5. Focus on guests
Since your baby is too young to participate in activities, so, plan fun stuff that your elder guests can enjoy rather than having all baby activities, which he/she might not even look at.

6. Personal play area
If you are planning the party away from your home, make sure you take along some of your baby’s favourite things including toys and pillows to make him/her feel at home.

7. Be ready for surprises and shocks
Don’t lose heart if your little one refuses to eat his own birthday cake or the otherwise great poser doesn’t even look at the camera. There are chances that your baby might sleep while the party is still on. Babies and kids are unpredictable and that’s the whole fun of it. So, don’t fret about small things and enjoy the big day!

8. Remember the budget
As the guest list swells due to emotional reasons, your budget goes beyond the pre-decided number. So, it is very important to give yourself constant reminders about the moolah and the best way to do it is making a spreadsheet of what you want and respective costing. 

Remember that, the reason for going BIG is also the reason why you need to underplay – it is the first birthday.

Watch out this space for  ‘C’ for ‘Colourful’ surprise tomorrow!


6 thoughts on “Basics of planning your baby’s first birthday party #AtoZChallenge

  1. Completely Agree with your thoughts. I just had my son’s first birthday on 22nd march. I had planned on almost same points.
    Kept the party timing 3-5 PM
    Invited only kids(elder daughter’s friends), around 10 in numbers, age group 4-8 yrs
    Planned activities as per guests kids age
    Decorated the house previous night only, Must say My Son enjoyed the Balloon blowing session and was so excited to see house full of balloons, we did his photo session also with all the balloons around. And those photos r n will b precious.
    As it was not a meal time so kept kids fav items for treat(popcorns, chocopies, sweetcorns, pizza, chocs, candies, soft drink)
    B’day Boy enjoyed whole event at his fullest and same with guests too.
    Though my whole month gone in planning, making, thinking and arranging 😉 But it was all worth 🙂


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