My secret admirer’s crazy love! #DovePlay

(This post has been chosen as one of the winners in the #DovePlay contest)

I have a lover. An admgo playirer, who loves to touch me…feel me. One who doesn’t stop showering me with kisses. Yes, my lover is crazy about me. I don’t have to look beautiful to get what I want from my love. My lover has surprised me with hugs and kisses even when I’m looking hideous. But there’s one part of my anatomy that gets special treatment from my lover … ‘my hair.’  Running fingers through my hair is my lover’s favourite act of love-making. Feeling my long and soft tresses brushing across my adorable darling’s face is a dream come true for my love.

But unfortunately, my locks usually don’t behave really well. And a single entangle is enough to piss off my darling, which happens every time I wash my hair. What next? Our precious moments of endless love go out of the window. From curd and eggs to best hair products and every possible thing in my kitchen – I have put everything on my head to get those advertisement like silky and smooth hair that could bring a hearty smile on my dear darling’s face. But to no avail 😦

Not anymore! With Dove working its magic on my mane, we’ll get our playful moments back. Feeling my hair’s softness, my lover will have many reasons to smile – a smile, I can die a thousand deaths for. Lying beside me, my lover will run fingers through my hair… pull me closer…closer. Smelling my fragrant tresses falling all over her face… she’ll pee out & I’ll shout ‘Peek-a-boo’! And we’ll start another round of merriment!

Yes, my secret admirer is my ten-month-old girl, who is in love with my locks and never loses a chance to play with them!

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