DIY Craft Project: Tooth Shaped Fridge Magnet Tutorial

DIY Fridge MagnetsBefore I begin the tutorial for making these fridge magnets, I would like to thank each one of you who stopped by to have a look at Baby H’s First Tooth Party and showered your love on my new blog. 🙂

Here goes my Thank You dance for all of you!


Now, coming back to the tutorial. I made these fridge magnets as a part of Party Favor Hamper given to kids who came to join us in H’s First Tooth Bash. There was more stuff in the party favor, which you can see here. I wanted to gift kids something that they can remember, but couldn’t find a magnet that suited the ‘First Tooth’ theme. So, thought of trying out these hand-made Fridge Magnets.


You need:
Craft Foam Sheets (Colour of your choice)
Craft Jute Sheet
Quilling Paper Sheets
Fabric Glue / Adhesive

DIY Fridge Magnets

How to make DIY Fridge Magnet:
1. Draw an outline of a tooth on the craft foam sheet in colour of your choice and cut it out with the help of scissors.
2. Stick the craft jute sheet on one side of the foam cut out with fabric glue / any strong adhesive.
3. Once the jute and foam sticks properly, cut out the jute sheet along the lines of the foam cut out.
4. Take a complementing quill sheet and stick it around the edge of the foam cut out to give it a fine and finished look.
5. Make eyes, lips, bow and crown to the tooth using quilling paper strips in a variety of colours.
6.Once the face dries up, stick a magnet behind it and your quirky ‘Tooth Fridge Magnet’ is ready!

You can make magnets in various shapes and sizes using this process!

Keep crafting, keep reading and don’t forget to share your views.



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