Whacky Party Idea: H’s First Tooth Party


Yes! We had a bash when H had cut her first tooth!

It was a small get together at our terrace with just a few friends and their kids. It began as just a thought in my mind to celebrate every milestone that H achieves, including her first tooth and I totally loved the way it turned out. In fact, every one loved the thought and execution. πŸ™‚ A pat on my back as for everything starting from conceptualizing to execution, I was at the helm of things ( πŸ˜‰ Modesty, what’s that… eh?). Right from banner and decor to party favors and food…every thing was DIY.

We are a nuclear family and H doesn’t get to meet many people together. Also since she has developed stranger anxiety now, she gets cranky in the presence of unfamiliar faces and voices. So, this was like a rehearsal for her Big Birthday Bash, which is in April. But, to my surprise, the girl was a social butterfly that day happily mingling with guests and kids. (I was glad and relieved mommy!)

I tried to keep elements that H loves as the basic decor and theme of the party -“Red, White and lots of Balloons.” Since, the bash was to raise a toast to her first pearly white, so the color white had to be the part of the theme. But, white alone wouldn’t looked very bright, so ‘red color’ and lots of balloons, which H loves were added in.

As this wasn’t a Birthday party, finding customized party supply in the market was very tough. Add to it the fact that I didn’t have the bandwidth to shop hop, I went the DIY way.

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For the entry into the party, I made this Tooth Shaped Board that read “H’s First Tooth Bash”


Since, it wasn’t a Birthday party, it was very tough to find out a suitable banner. So, I made this ‘Tooth shaped’ banner in red and white. The backdrop was done in red and white crepe paper buntings and balloons.

Balloons…Balloons and more Balloons in the decor


Photo Booth & Props: To keep the kids busy and entertained, I had planned a few games, which they enjoyed. But the big surprise was the ‘Instagram Photo Booth.’ I had also made these fun and quirky props including a Toothbrush, Toothy smile and mustache. Not just kids but even elders had fun getting clicked behind the Booth.


Kids’ Party Food
A party can’t be complete without yummy foodie delights. Our tooth party too was loaded with delicacies. The kids’ menu comprised of Fruit Sticks, Jello-Juice, Cake-Pops and French Fries as starters followed by Tangy Arabiata Pasta and Home-made Baby Burgers in the main course.

For adults we had Paneer and Vetegable Pakoras as starters and Biryani in the main course. I didn’t want a cake for this party, so I baked Red Velvet Cup Cakes layered with Dark Chocolate Ganache.

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Party Favors & Return Gifts

How could I send the lovely kids who danced, sang and made merry for my Little H without some return gifts. So, after putting in a lot of thought in searching out favors that gelled with the ‘First Tooth’ theme too, I made a hamper that contained a ‘Hand-made tooth shaped fridge magnet’ (Tutorial), a kiddie toothbrush, a tooth paste and a cutesy coin purse for girls, crayons for boys and a teether for a one month old baby at our bash.


Return Gifts in Personalised containers that could be later on used as pen stands.


H’s First Tooth Party was a success! Everyone went happy and we got ample of memories to cherish forever!

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17 thoughts on “Whacky Party Idea: H’s First Tooth Party

  1. Brilliant job Charu! Absolutely loved the idea! So wish H was born before Yuv so I could have copied it πŸ˜‰ nevertheless hope u ll help me plan his first bday bash.

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