DIY Craft Idea to do with toddlers: Hi-Five Photo Mug


I have always enjoyed DIYs and craft work. During my school days, when kids used to run away from projects, I used to enjoy doing them. But then school ended, college and professional life’s rigmarole took over and my love for craft took a back seat except for once after my marriage, when I made a name plate for our home. That was special. Will talk about it later.

So, with H in my life, it looks like old days are back again. The thought that things that I once loved doing, I’ll be doing with her, leaves me excited. And H’s reaction to everything new that she sees makes every effort count.

We made this mug as a ‘New Job’ gift for Papa M. Perfect way to start his day at work! The mug turned out so beautiful that now both of us (me and Papa M) want it for our desks. While this one has gone to Papa M’s office, I’ll make another one for me.

I had seen this on Mumsphere as Father’s Day activity. However, when I saw H doing Hi-Five ever since she was 4-5 months old, I knew we had to make this together. The girl never misses a chance to give a Hi-Five!

So, here goes the tutorial for easy DIY Hi-Five Photo Mug:
What do you need?

A Mug
Play Dough Clay (Quick Drying Clay or the one that hardens when left in open)
Quick Fix / M-seal
Double Sided Tape
Wallet size / Passport size photo of your child
Design Stamps
Colourful pens

Most Important: Baby in the mood to play

How to:
Flatten the clay with the help of a rolling pin
Hold your baby’s hand and take the impression on the flattened clay. Make sure, you press it well enough to get a nice impression.
Once done, cut out the extra edges with the help of a knife in the shape of the hand impression.
Stick it on one side of the mug with the help of M-seal/Quick Fix and double sided tape. (M-seal should be sufficient, but tape will give extra strength).
Take some more clay and roll it into strips and flatten in shape of a rectangle big enough to hold the picture.
Place the picture on the frame and stick it on the other side of the mug.
Use stamps and colourful pens to decorate the frame.
Leave the mug in sun for a couple of days so that the clay dries and hardens.

Why do this toddler craft? Though H is still going through her ‘everything in mouth phase,’ but thanks to her love for colours, she was super excited when she saw a yellow clay ball in my hand. And when I made her make an impression, she wanted to play with it. It’s a great way to introduce textures, shapes and colours to the toddlers.

Note: The clay must be used in adult supervision, if your baby is small.


5 thoughts on “DIY Craft Idea to do with toddlers: Hi-Five Photo Mug

  1. A big high five to “Hiya”.. I wonder if my daughter will let me do this… she walks ahead of me… if I open water colors.. she picks brushes for herself. she even doesn’t allow to me show her… anyways Hiya seems very calm and innocent girl… supercute. God Bless Her!!
    All The Best! I am looking for more creative ideas 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for stopping by Neha. Even H is hyperactive. But I managed to get hold of her for this one. Before she could realize, I had taken the impression. Thanks again n keep reading!


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