5…4…3…2…1! Mommy you lose!


wowbadgeBeing a professional writer 5…4…3…2…1, countdowns, deadlines and time tables are like roz ki baat. My days begin with deadlines, end meeting them and finally dozing off to face a new day.

But, one fine day the ‘writer me’ became the ‘mommy me’ and life changed forever. After adhering to every single deadline, managing choc-a-block schedules and facing back to back meetings with a smile (OK.. .cntrl C + cntrl V smile most of the times) day in and day out for seven long years, I thought mommyhood would give me the much deserved break from 5…4…3..2…1.

But… but … but…soon truth dawned upon me. Within no time I realized that along with the baby, dearest stork had also gifted us a tick-tock clock. Only its buzz off button was in Hiyashaa’s (H) hands or vocal chords to be precise. Before we could understand my life was in rapid fire mode controlled by H’s unsaid yet well established 5…4…3..2…1, which unlike older times didn’t end with the day.

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My morning cuppa, which I once lazily sipped while flipping through the relevant and even irrelevant stuff in the newspaper, became a luxury that I get to enjoy rarely. (Read only if H doesn’t start her countdown to pee, poop or feed.) I can count those winning moments on my fingertips when I had my coffee piping hot. Apparently, babies’ bowel movements have an inbuilt sensor that ticks off precisely when mommy is just about to start her food / drinks etc. I never believed my granny when she used to tell this until I experienced it myself. And the day I get lucky and there’s no sign of poop and pee as I begin to enjoy the not so great food that I manage to cook in between sterilizing feeding bottles, blending baby food and changing diapers, Baby H, who is a happy baby most of the times would jet set on a sudden bout of crying. Obviously, I finish food on the count of 5…4…3…2…1.

Bathing at leisure is yet another perk that I don’t get rewarded with these days. No matter how hard I try to sync my bath with H’s sleep, she manages to wake up just in the right time. There goes my bathing plans for a toss and what I do is a hurried cleaning and drying of myself with no heed to clothes …yes, I’ve worn my Ts inside out at occasions as H – JUST CAN’T STAY ALONE not even for a second. The attention seeker loves being surrounded by company all the time. So, once again on the count of 5…4…3…2…1 I am out of the bath only to find H grinning at being a spoil sport to my ‘me time’.

H has a strange habit. In a second she will be hungry like she’s not had anything in ages. And in the next, she would kick away her bottle with her tongue. Mind you, that tiny little thing is powerful enough to push away our hands. I wonder what would happen once H starts using it to talk. However, back to why she pushes her bottle? Because mommy failed to match Baby H’s 5…4…3…2…1 with her speed of bringing milk and H chooses to go without milk. Simple. Result – a guilty mommy, a hungry baby and lots of formula milk wastage. You can’t keep formula milk for more than 10 minutes.

That’s not where it ends. H doesn’t like to be disturbed while she’s enjoying her feed. Even a slight of distraction and that bottle comes out of her mouth, to never go back again until her next feed time.

So, every time I feed her my BP goes skyward. It’s a race against time. If I don’t want to skip her feed I make sure I make her bottle in the span of a few seconds that she gives me. This habit proves to be a nightmare when I’m flying with her. Though I’m on cloud nine ever since she was born, but I meant air travel. H is 5 months old and she has already enjoyed 5 flights. Gosh! I was 25 when I took my first flight and she was 28 days old. H would royally sleep all through her journey to the airport, check in, security check and even boarding. Air hostess instructs me to feed while taking off and landing to avoid discomfort but mommy is happy for Baby H has been sleeping. Ting tong! Just when the fight is ready to take off she’ll surprise me with a gummy smile. And there she kick-starts my fight to match up my bottle making speed, hunger and of course the take off at the count of captain’s 5…4…3…2…1! No one in the world can feed her if she isn’t hungry and remember I told you, once the bottle is out it’s out forever.

That’s how 5…4…3…2…1 rule my life. Life is a little more relaxed today than it was yesterday and will be better tomorrow as H’s countdown will get more liberal and start from 10…9…8…7…6…. With Hope and a little sugar 🙂 signs off Mommy, H’s awake!

What does 5-4-3-2-1! stand for in your life. Do share!

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda


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